8 Things that Would Happen if We Truly Viewed the Word of God as Sweet like Honey to Us


I realize this post is a bit unusual for this site, but I want us to think about this truth: we who seek to lead churches toward growth and revitalization must love and obey the Word if we want God to bless our efforts. With that truth in mind, I am mindful today of the psalmist’s view of the Word: 

    • “They [the laws of the Lord] are sweeter than honey, even honey dripping from the comb.” (Ps. 19:10).
    • “How sweet your words taste to me; they are sweeter than honey.” (Ps. 119:103).

The psalmist felt that way, but I’m not convinced all of us are. At least, I know I’m not always there. Here, though, are some things that would happen in our lives if we truly saw the Word of God this way:

    1. We would read the Word more. That’s because it’s so sweet to us. No matter how busy we are, we would make the time to read it. Even a few minutes tasting the Word would encourage and change us.
    2. We would hunger for it. It would be so potent in our lives that our soul would long each day to meet God through His Word. We would crave Him more and more each day.
    3. We could never get enough of it. Even if we were to “eat” it every day, we would want more. The Word is so sweet that the more we get, the more we want; it both quenches our hunger and increases it at the same time.
    4. We would miss it when we don’t read it. Gone would be the days when we simply neglected reading the Bible. We would not rest well knowing that we had missed the opportunity to taste its sweetness on a given day.
    5. We would no longer be enamored by what the world offers us to “taste.” We chase temporary stuff that might taste sweet for a moment, but burns us in the end. All those things would lose their power once we’ve tasted the true sweetness of God’s Word.
    6. We would delight more in teaching the Word. When the Lord’s teachings are so powerful in our own lives, we can’t wait to teach others. We would want those we lead to have the same experience with the Lord and His Word.
    7. Others would take note of our passion. The godliest, Spirit-filled leaders I know have the Word of God dripping from their lips. They live in the Word—and it’s noticeable. That’s what would happen in our lives if the Word truly were sweet to us.  
    8. Our churches would be stronger. That happens any time we leaders deepen our own walk with the Lord. What the Lord does in us then spills over into the lives of those we shepherd. The sheep will then also find the Word to be sweet like honey—and hunger for more.

How about you? Is the Word sweet to you? 

If not, ask the Lord to restore your desire for His Word as you lead His church. I encourage you to leave a comment below and let our Church Answers family know how we can best pray for you.


Posted on June 6, 2023

Dr. Chuck Lawless is a leading expert in spiritual consultation, discipleship and mentoring. As a former pastor, he understands the challenges ministry presents and works with Church Answers to provide advice and counsel for church leaders.
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