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How It Works

Three times a month, you get premier church health coaching material delivered to your inbox. While Thom will continue to provide content on his blog and podcast, this material will be the deeper level that people like you have requested for years. In addition to the three deliverables each month, you will have available continuously a chat room to discuss important issues with other leaders in this digital community. Thom and his team will be dropping by the chat room on a regular basis.

Rainer Report: 1st of the Month

Rainer Report is a two-part video series delivered on the first day of every month. All the videos will include valuable new insights by Thom. On occasion he will include a guest who offers church insights in a special area of expertise. This information has never been released. This resource will also be available as an audio download.

Breaking Barriers: 11th of the Month

Breaking Barriers is the highest demand resource we offer. Almost every leader in a church wants to see the church break attendance and other barriers. You will get far more than a single conference or book. Every month you will receive significant insights to those issues that hold churches back. You will get practical advice on how to break those barriers. In the first four segments, for example, you will hear about breaking barriers for the small church and the mid-sized churches. You will learn how leadership tenure can affect attendance barriers. And you will see how something as simple as good signage can increase attendance as much as 5% to 20%. Breaking Barriers will be a huge and ongoing resource for your church every month of the year.

Deeper Dive: 21st of the Month

For those interested in the latest original research on local church issues, Deeper Dive is for you. Thom will share in audio format key research that affects your church and your leadership today. The material will also include a PDF study guide so you can follow the deep research more carefully. The first Deeper Dive will be “Evidence That Indicates an Optimum Attendance Size for Churches.” A second Deeper Dive will follow: “What Staff Should Our Church Hire Next?

The Difficult but Necessary Subject of Protecting Children in Your Church

Church Answers Central: Available at All Times

Church Answers Central is a private group discussion area for the participants and leaders to chat on an ongoing basis. You will be able to see in the subject line what topics are currently or formerly discussed, and you can participate at any time. You will not only learn from you peers, you will also hear from Thom and his team on a regular basis.

Thom Rainer is the best person today to offer insights and coaching on matters related to the local church. He is simply the best the field. He has been a pastor, a dean of a seminary, a church consultant, and a prolific author of some of the bestselling books ever in this genre. His offer to provide “Church Answers Monthly” is rare and exciting!

Chuck Lawless

Dean, Southeastern Seminary

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