Church Answers Consulting

Providing answers for better church health.


Every church has unanswered questions.

  • Why are we not growing?
  • Do we really understand our community?
  • Is our congregation spiritually healthy?
  • Can our leaders get us there?

Our mission is to provide answers for better church health.

Church Answers Consulting started in 1989, and since then we’ve served hundreds of churches and organizations in North America. Led by Sam Rainer, the team is comprised of a network of trusted experts from a variety of fields.

Comprehensive Church Consultations

Practical and Comprehensive.

Most churches need practical help, not high-level theory. Most churches need a comprehensive solution, not a partial answer.

Our approach is highly practical and comprehensive. We get to the nuts-and-bolts of what your church needs to do in order to become healthier.

We serve churches of all sizes—from small churches to megachurches. We help you connect the dots between your community, your congregation, and your leadership. It’s this three-part approach to our consultations that enables us to serve your church by offering a comprehensive assessment.

  1. Community: Through demographic and psychographic data, we reveal who your community is and what your community thinks.
  2. Congregation: Our Church Health Report is a comprehensive assessment of your church’s spiritual condition.
  3. Leadership: All of our consultations include extensive interaction with church leaders, including our exclusive leadership assessment tool, on-site interviews, and follow-up coaching to help with implementation.

In addition to these three areas of focus, every consultation also includes a deliverable with key insights and step-by-step recommendations, a secret guest experience, financial and growth metrics, staffing analysis, discovery of ministry obstacles and opportunities, and coaching.

With Church Answers consulting, you will get the practical help and comprehensive answers needed to move your church forward towards better health.

Specialty Consultations

Our team has decades of experience serving a variety of churches from multiple denominations and networks. We’ve helped churches in numerous specialty areas.

  • Church revitalization
  • Creating a vision
  • Community engagement
  • Leadership assessment
  • Ministry transitions
  • Reigniting growth
  • Strategic planning
  • Preparing for a new pastor
Organizational Consultations

In addition to churches, we also consult organizations, including publishing companies, magazines, church builders and design firms, denominations and associations, networks, among others. Our team can create custom research to help any organization provide better answers to churches.

Expert Testimony

Sam Rainer, Thom Rainer, and their team have experience in expert testimony for trials and depositions. We can serve your legal team by providing expertise on issues related to church health.

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Church Answers Silver

Includes monthly staff meetings, access to Church Answers Central Q&A forum, bonus video instruction, and more.

Church Answers Gold

Includes personalized coaching via video 6-8 times per year as well as email access to your coach. Space is limited.

Church Answers Platinum

Includes personal coaching calls, 24/7 priority email access to Thom S. Rainer, and a private, annual multi-day meeting in Nashville.