COVID Comeback Bundle

Comeback Bundle

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What you will get...

  • Basic principles in identifying needed adjustments and how to execute changes.
  • How to do an audit of your website and quick suggestions for improvement.
  • How your church might be driving away guests.
  • Developing overall improvements in your church's first impression ministry.
  • The secrets behind getting guests to return.
  • How to get members involved and keep them involved.
  • How to move to an outward focus and helping people stay.
  • The challenges that every church faces during the assimilation process.

The COVID Comeback Bundle

Three essential digital resources to lead a COVID Comeback Church.

The individual components of the COVID Comeback Bundle will help in specific areas of your church. Put together and implemented well—they can help church leaders keep members and retain guest coming back from quarantine. Resources include:

  • 16 Quick Adjustments – $129
  • Closing the Back Door; Church Assimilation Checklist – $229
  • How Churches Can Retain Guests Effectively – $129

Total Value… over $489!


The COVID Comeback Bundle Includes…

16 Quick Adjustments

A resource that will help your church reach more people and help you see more guests connect with the church even before they step into the building.

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Closing the Back Door

This 10-point assimilation checklist will help you move members toward greater involvement and contribution to the church.

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How to Retain Guests More Effectively

Every Sunday guests visit churches and most won’t return a second time. If you follow these simple steps you will increase guest retention by 6 times your church’s normal average.

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  • Will something be mailed to me?

    No. The great thing about the Outreach Bundle is that you’ll have immediate access to the content via our digital platform. You’ll never have to worry about DVDs. Just stream or download the content to play it at your church, home, office, or on any internet-connected device.

  • Do I have to pay an annual license to keep using these digital courses?

    No. This is a one-time purchase for a lifetime, single-site license. You can use this at whatever church, organization, or denominational office you are serving as much as you’d like. We only ask that you not download and share the content with other groups.

  • What if I already have one of the components of the Outreach Bundle?

    We’ve strategically discounted this product where you still receive a significant savings even if you have already purchased one of the components in the past. When you purchase the bundle, the new components will automatically be added to your existing account.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We offer a full and complete refund within 30 days of your purchase with no questions asked. If for any reason you need to request a refund within 30 days, we will process it immediately with no hassle.

Plan for those coming back to your church.

Use the COVID Comeback Bundle to prepare and plan for the the return of members and guests. The step-by-step instruction you’ll receive in these three resources will allow you to reach and retain weekly worship attenders.

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