2019 Monthly Staff Meetings

Each month on the second Monday of the month during this hour-long, live staff meeting, Dr. Rainer will present for the first 30 minutes and for the remaining time, he will answer questions related to the topic.

Also, be sure to engage in Church Answers Central. This forum in the Church Answers website is the place where members can ask questions and get quick responses from the Church Answers community and experts. As a community member, you can respond to questions from other members. How exciting to be a part of a community that helps each other!

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Monthly Staff Meetings Archive

On the second Monday of each month, Dr. Rainer holds a live, “virtual” staff meeting for you and your staff. He presents for the first half and answers topic-related questions during the second half. If you’ve missed any of the live sessions, you may view them below.


August 2019 – Why Year 5 Is So Magical in Pastoral Tenure
July 2019 - How Do I Know If Replanting or Revitalizing is an Option for My Church?
June 2019 - Six Success Stories of Churches That Moved from Apathy to Vibrancy
May 2019 - Should Your Church Replant Another Church?
April 2019 - Five Church Growth Opportunities Most Church Leaders Are Missing
March 2019 - New Information about Turnaround Churches: A Deeper Dive
February 2019 - How Do You Know When It’s Time to Leave or Stay at Your Church?
January 2019 - The Four Corner Approach to Sermon Preparation Greater Understanding and Efficiency


December 2018 - What Church Leaders Say They Desperately Need for More Effective Ministry
November 2018 - Seven New Insights for Those Leading Church Revitalization
October 2018 - Updated Report on Church Giving: How Churches Increased Giving 20%+ in 3 Months
September 2018 - A Candid Conversation with Pastors and Church Leaders Who May Be Down, Depressed, or Desperate
August 2018 - How to Deal With Members Leaving Your Church
July 2019 - How Do I Know If Replanting or Revitalizing is an Option for My Church?
June 2018 - Considerations for the Internet Church
May 2018 - The Most Common Reasons Pastors Get Fired (Or in Deep Trouble)
April 2018 - Dealing with Difficult Staff (Volunteer or Paid) Issues
March 2018 - Seven Questions You Should Ask If a Church Is Considering You: Getting Beyond the Typical Questions
February 2018 - How to Earn Extra Income While Serving in Ministry
January 2018 - The Death of Cultural Christianity in America: Implications for Your Church


December 2017 - Making 2018 Your Best Year of Ministry
November 2017 - Key Reasons People Give More to the Church
October 2017 - Seven Key Questions You Should Ask About Real Growth and Decline
September 2017 - Facility Issues that Surprise Many Church Leaders
August 2017 - Key Things You Need to Know about Ministry Salaries and Benefits
July 2017 - Key Issues about Guests Most Leaders Do Not Consider
June 2017 - Seven Metrics Church Leaders Should Know
May 2017 - First Steps in Eliminating Activities and Programs in Your Church
April 2017 - The Ideal Church Staff
March 2017 - First Steps in Revitalizing a Church
February 2017 - How to Develop a Vision Statement That Makes a Difference