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My Church Answer was created to help leaders get quick answers about key ministry questions. Consultants often charge large fees for comprehensive answers. Obviously, many churches need these consultations. But you would not want to hire a consultant for a specific question or two—it’s too expensive and time consuming. That is where we can help. If you have a specific question, then we can provide a timely answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

We want to provide you answers as simply and as quickly as possible.You may submit a question here. We will review your question and then give you a price quote and an expected timeline. If you decide to move forward, then we have an easy online payment system. Most answers take about seven business days for completion.

Who provides the answers?

Sam Rainer provides leadership for My Church Answer. Sam is a pastor, writer, speaker, and researcher known widely for his insights in the area of church health. You can find out more about Sam at his blog.

What does it cost to have my question answered?

If you have ever hired a consultant, then you know their fees can be as much as tens of thousands of dollars. Many churches and leaders need this level of involvement. For those that need it, such an investment is well worth the cost. But what if you have just a question or two? That’s where My Church Answer can help fill in the gaps. Every question is different. All of our answers are unique to each individual question and are varied in cost.

What types of answers do you provide?

Our network of experts is capable of answering a wide variety of ministry and church questions. Whether your question involves operations, management, finance, theology, ministry trends, leadership issues, or any other ministry question, we have a team of researchers and practitioners that can help.

Do you have an example of your work?

Yes, you can check out our sample report here. We answer the question how do you perform a baby dedication?

Is there a bad question?

No, of course not. But we’ll let you know upfront if we’re unable to answer an individual question.

Can I submit multiple questions?

Yes, we’ll gladly quote you a price and timetable for multiple questions.

Where do you get your answers?

We have a network of church experts in a variety of fields from which we obtain answers.

How long does it take to get my answer?

While some in-depth questions may take longer, our typical completion time is about seven days. We will let you know at the beginning how long answering your question will take.