Local Demographics & Psychographics from Percept Group

Church Answers partners with Percept to offer their first-in-class community demographic and psychographic studies to you, our subscribers at a deep discount. If you have used them in the past, you know some of the great information you can get:

  • What are the growth trends in our community?
  • How many unchurched are in our community?
  • Where are the unchurched?
  • What are the greatest needs in our community?
  • What are the preferred worship styles in our community?
  • What programming best fits our community?

Reports are updated throughout the year, so new information is always available.

Available Reports

FirstView Report

A concise but powerful 7-page summary look at your community. Our price is $50 (a $35 discount).

Ministry Area Profile

An incredible 35 page document that has so much information on your community. Our price is $175 (a $44 discount).


Combination Report

Get both the FirstView Report and the Ministry Area Profile report for just $200 (a $104 discount).

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