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At Church Answers, you get premier church health coaching material delivered to your inbox every month. In addition to the monthly video staff meeting featuring Thom S. Rainer and his team, you get a real-time chat room with more than 1,500 participants to discuss important issues with other church leaders in a private, digital community. Personal and group coaching opportunities and consulting are also offered at Church Answers.

As a previous subscriber, we’re offering you a special rate of just $9.97 per month—that’s more than 30% off the current subscription rate!

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If you subscribe now, you will lock in your special price for your Church Answers subscription. By subscribing today, you are guaranteeing that your price will never increase as long as you remain a member of Church Answers.

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There are no contracts at Church Answers. It’s our goal to make this membership so valuable for you and your church that it will be the one thing you can’t afford not to have. However, if you need to cancel, you can do so at any time without worrying about a contract.


Most churches need practical help, not high-level theory. Most churches need a comprehensive solution, not a partial answer. Our approach is highly practical and comprehensive. We get to the nuts-and-bolts of what your church needs.

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