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The Mega Bundle

All the Tools You Need for 2024

Get all of these resources together at an unbelievable price! Topics include Revitalization, Membership, Evangelism, Prayer, Guest Retention, and more!


The Mega Bundle

All the Tools You Need for 2024


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Closing the Back Door—Church Assimilation Checklist

The last thing you want to see in your church is an influx of guests, only to see them never return just a few short months after attending regularly. Find out how you can slam the back door shut.

How Churches Can Retain Guests More Effectively

Every Sunday, guests visit churches and most won’t return a second time. If you follow these simple steps you will increase guest retention by 6 times your church’s normal average.

4 Steps to Revitalizing Your Church

You care about your church. You care about the kingdom. You want to see communities impacted and souls saved. This course is more than online training, it is an online consultation where Thom Rainer helps you move your church from flatlined to flourishing.

16 Quick Adjustments

A resource that will help your church reach more people and help you see more guests connect with the church even before they step into the building.

Invite Your One

Most people visit a church because someone invited them.  In this online course, Dr. Rainer walks you through how to move your church from inward to outward and have an inviting culture.

Church Vision Checklist

A church’s vision statement is our best human understanding of God’s best future for her. It’s a way of setting up a picture to get your people incredibly excited and motivated. Learn the key elements of a vision statement that are gospel focused and provide clarity into what God has called you to do.

Church Fostering: Churches Helping Churches

Pastors and church leaders in struggling congregations need help from pastors in healthy churches. By helping other churches you can move your church from an inward focus to an outward focus.


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