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Common issues facing your church

Pastors face a range of issues that impact staffing, church safety, membership, and so much more. Church leaders are rarely ready to face difficult circumstances, but you can prepare.

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Deeper Dive

Common issues facing your church

How to respond to staff, culture, and trends in your church.

Dr. Rainer speaks on issues related to staff, attendance barriers, generational gaps, protecting children in your church, and so much more. Each session is meant to encourage the pastor and church leader to prepare for potential difficult scenarios.

What you can expect to learn.

  • Is there an ideal attendance size for a church?
  • Who should my next staff member be?
  • Why the generation gap is larger now than ever?
  • Ways to utilize retiring boomers in your church.
  • What you can do to address mental illness in your church.
  • The work hours of a pastor.
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Renowned church strategist Thom Rainer walks you through every step.

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.

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Deeper Dive Course Content

Responding to issues in your church are tough.

Two things are consistent in a pastor’s weekly schedule. The first thing is that Sunday is always coming. The second is the constant challenge to navigate some glaring issue facing the church. Issues could be internal like staffing or church polity. Other issues in the church are external like community perception or shifts in culture. Included in this course are 20 audio sessions covering the most common situations pastors face on a regular basis.

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  • Issue #1
    • Is There an Ideal Attendance Size for a Church?
      27 min
  • Issue #2
    • Who Should My Next Staff Member Be?
      15 min
  • Issue #3
    • Why the Generation Gap is Larger Now than Ever
      13 min
  • Issue #4
    • Ways to Utilize Retiring Boomers in Your Church
      15 min
  • Issue #5
    • The Difficult but Necessary Subject of Protecting Children in Your Church
      13 min
  • Issue #6
    • What You Can Do to Address Mental Illness in Your Church
      14 min
  • Issue #7
    • The Value of Video Venue Preaching
      13 min
  • Issue #8
    • The Work Hours of a Pastor
      12 min
  • Issue #9
    • What Can You Do about the Fact Most Church Members Don’t Share Their Faith
      13 min
  • Issue #10
    • Why Every Church Should Move toward Cultural and Racial Diversity
      13 min
  • Issue #11
    • What Americans Think about Islam
      12 min
  • Issue #12
    • Five Key Giving Trends in Churches and How You Can Respond
      13 min
  • Issue #13
    • Encouraging a Culture of Long-Term Tenure for Pastors
      16 min
  • Issue #14
    • How to Handle a Staff Person’s Moral Failure
      12 min
  • Issue #15
    • The Prison as a Mission Field
      11 min
  • Issue #16
    • The Loss of Religious Liberty and How to Respond
      12 min
  • Issue #17
    • Getting the Unchurched Interested in Your Church
      12 min
  • Issue #18
    • Preparing Your Church for Transgender Guests
      12 min
  • Issue #19
    • Why Healthy Churches are Messy and How to Lead Them
      10 min
  • Issue #20
    • Eight Warning Signs Your Church is Drifting from God
      11 min

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