eBook Bundle: Black Friday 2021

Get 5 eBooks for only $5

For a limited time get five eBooks, normally $25, for only $5. Take advantage of the best deal of the year with this bundle!


eBook Bundle: Black Friday 2021

Get 5 eBooks for only $5

Included in this bundle

Sermon Starters

A 70 page digital book of sermon outlines for holidays including Christmas, Easter, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and many more. Also included are starters for special occasions like weddings, funerals, and baby dedications. Each outline includes:

  • Focal passage
  • Introduction
  • Guiding points
  • Concluding thoughts

Simple Church in a Post-COVID World

What a church measures gets emphasized. Creating a clear process of discipleship helps churches to...

  • Provide clarity
  • Move members to connectivity
  • Create accountability
  • Measure healthy growth

Leading Change When Nobody Wants It

In this digital book, Sam Rainer covers preparing yourself and your church for movement. Topics include:

  • Four Hurdles to Change
  • Why Your Church Resists Change
  • 12 Principles of Change

Lord, Teach Us Pastors to Pray

A 74-page digital book to help you pray as a pastor and your church to pray as a congregation.

  • Foundations for prayer
  • Praying strategically
  • Testing your church’s prayer level

Leading a Post-COVID Church

Leading a church is more difficult because everything is different. In this eBook Dr. Thom Rainer addresses:

  • Early findings from the re-gathered church
  • Challenges of the pandemic
  • Opportunities provided by the pandemic