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Church Health Scorecard

The Most Complete Church Scorecard and Metrics

You can understand clearly the health of your church in 12 key areas. Every metric has specific guidance on its calculation and application. You also get two video courses on understanding the scorecard and the 11 key trends in churches today.

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Church Health Scorecard

The Most Complete Church Scorecard and Metrics

Do you know the direction your church should go?

Answer these questions:

What metric should I monitor that will give me early warning signs?
What is “deferred maintenance,” and is it important to know its metric?
How can I know how my church has been doing since the pandemic?
Can I tell if my church members are older than the people in our community?
How many people does a typical church reach for Christ?
What percent of the church’s budget should be allocated to personnel costs?

What if you could know the priorities of your church and respond accordingly?


The Church Health Scorecard gives you invaluable guidance, including encouragement and warnings, to help you navigate and respond to your church’s needs effectively.

Why should you discover what your church’s key metrics are?

  • You can provide encouragement to the church for those areas where the church is doing well.
  • You will understand what the priorities of the church should be.
  • You will have clarity of leadership.
  • You can help your church or another church at a deeper level.
  • You can discover how the different “parts” of the church interrelate.
  • You can give the leaders a roadmap of where the church has been, and where it should go.
  • You will see how the 12 metrics inform so much of everything you do as a leader.
  • You will know better how to take reasonable risks for the church.
  • You can understand how areas of your church compare to churches across the nation.
  • You will learn the powerful relationship between the demographics of the community and the health of the church.

Get the report that tells you the health of your church in several key areas.



The Church Health Scorecard is a tool to know key areas of health in your church. Those key areas are compared to national averages to inform you at a deeper level.

Some areas include conversions, ministry involvement, personnel costs, and deferred maintenance. Based on the results of your calculations, each of your metrics gets a traffic light color. The “red light, yellow light, and green light guide” is a tool you and your leaders can grasp easily.

Look at the traffic lights for the conversion ratio. It will tell you how well your church is doing in reaching people for Christ compared to national averages.

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See how this one tool will help you understand the different aspects of your church compared to churches across the nation.

This report is for your church if…

Your church is not reaching many people for Christ.
Your church facilities need a lot of work.
You don’t have enough volunteers.
You want to make a difference in your community for the gospel.
You want to know with greater precision about the health of your church in several key areas.
You want to be able to measure the improvements your church is making.

Sample pages from the workbook

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What's included in the Church Health Scorecard

  • A voluminous workbook to guide you in the calculation of your church’s key metrics.
  • Resource recommendations for each of the metrics.
  • A video guide to direct you toward a greater understanding of the scorecard metrics.
  • A video resource presentation of the 11 trends affecting churches today.
  • Virtual office hours with Thom Rainer and others on the Church Answers team.

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