A Simple Strategy for Getting Your Church to Tell Their Salvation Story

More than one study has shown that few believers share the gospel with non-believers. Over the years as I have taught pastors, interviewed church members and staff, and worked with church consultations, I’ve recognized these obstacles to doing evangelism:

    1. The grip of fear. The fears can be multiple, like a fear of rejection, a fear of not knowing answers, or even a fear of persecution in hard places around the world. Fear has a way of crippling our attempts to evangelize. 
    2. A lack of role models. If I ask my students if they can name someone who modeled an evangelistic heart for them, many of my students can’t name anyone. They’ve simply never known another believer whose heart just beats for the lost. That’s tragic. 
    3. A lack of urgency. Sometimes, I fear that lack of urgency

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