Find An Interim Pastor

Every year thousands of churches face a transition in leadership. The churches in transition often stumble without capable interim leadership. Thom Rainer and the team from Church Answers has compiled a certification to help leaders who want to help churches in transition. Interim Pastor University covers the common issues facing churches in the interim season and seeks to equip students to help these churches prepare for their next leader.

Dave Gudgel

Merced, California

Mike Sutton

Indianapolis, Indiana

Maris Smith

Hot Springs, South Dakota

Mark Moore

Canton, Texas

David L Zetterberg

Lakewood, Washington

Mike Smith

Jacksonville, Texas

David Pennington, PhD

Indian Trail, North Carolina

Mark A. Harris

, North Carolina

Michael Young

Rainsville, Alabama

Elbert Nasworthy

Wesley Chapel, Florida

Dr. Barry Cosper

Birmingham, Alabama

Gary G. Smith

Kearney, Nebraska

Dr. Don R. Zampogna

Montross, Virginia

Dennis Thurman

Candler, North Carolina

Dan Wilkinson

Dewitt, Michigan

Charles Westbrook

Cayce, South Carolina

Dr. Bruce Yates

Seymour, Tennessee

Brad King

Stanford, Kentucky

Rev. Dr. Robert C. Sawyer

Raleigh, North Carolina

David C. Blaney

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Matt Bowman

Jackson, Tennessee

A. Richard Ivey

Jenks, Oklahoma

Dr. Brian MacLeod

Hampden, Massachusetts

Ralph Tone

Mesa, Arizona

Dr. Jeffrey Craig Harrington

Fresno, California

Dr. Charles E. Wesley

Arcadia, Louisiana

Dr. Barry Cosper

Hueytown, Alabama

Keith Adams

Memphis, Tennessee

Dr. Thomas Rush

Monroe, Georgia

Scott L. Owens

Gilbert, Iowa

Roger Davis

Brewer, Maine

J. Steven Neill

Waterloo, Illinois