Podcasts for Church Leaders

Whether it’s current issues in the established church or managing change in church revitalization, we have you covered. Church Answers features 5 podcasts with over 5 million combined downloads. You will enjoy lively conversations from hosts Thom Rainer,  Sam Rainer,  Art Rainer, Jacki King, and more!

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Rainer On Leadership

Rainer on Leadership is your online home for leadership lessons for the local church. This weekly podcast provides practical training on important issues for church leaders and pastors.

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The Church Answers Podcast

The Church Answers Podcast with Thom Rainer is fast-paced, to the point, and sometimes witty. It addresses one question about church life and leadership in just ten minutes. Buckle your seatbelt and take a ride into the world of congregational health in a fun and fascinating way.

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EST. church

Led by Sam Rainer (West Bradenton Baptist, Bradenton, FL) and Josh King (2ND Baptist, Conway, AR), EST is a weekly discussion for the established church about challenges and issues church leaders face.

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More Than Money with Art Rainer

You were meant for more. Your money was meant for more. You and your money are meant for an exciting, adventurous, and satisfying purpose. You were designed to live and give generously. And deep inside, you know this and want this.

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At the Table with Jacki C. King

Join the conversations of a collaborative community of women from all across the planet who long to connect, engage, and encourage one another as they serve and lead in diverse ways to impact the Kingdom of God. Listen in on conversations about womanhood, leadership, life, and everything in between. Find out more ways to join in at ChurchAnswers.com/Women

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Revitalize & Replant

Featuring Thom Rainer, Mark Clifton, and Kevin Ezell, Revitalize & Replant is presented by the North American Mission Board. Revitalize & Replant is a weekly discussion on church revitalization and replanting.

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