Speaking in Tongues, Unmarried Living Together, Women Pastors, and Sermon Length: 15 Facts about Churches You May Not Know (A Church Answers Research Report)

I love local churches. I have been studying and writing about local churches for four decades. 

But even though I have been researching churches for longer than some of you have been alive, I continue to learn about them every day. I will never become a know-it-all about churches. There is so much to learn.

At Church Answers, we have one of the most incredible and active communities of church leaders. Our closest community of nearly 2,000 paid members ask questions or make comments almost every hour of the day. They love the fact that they can ask any question and get a question answered that same day, often within the hour. We are truly their church consultant and coach on their smartphone.

Though we seek to serve church leaders and churches through this community, the members of this community benefit me greatly as well. I get to read and

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