Where Is the Bible Belt: Alabama or Washington State? A Church Answers Research Report

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If you hear the name “Bible Belt,” you likely think of the deep South and cities like Birmingham, Nashville, or Jackson, Mississippi. For sure, those places have historically had more churches and more church members. Even today, you will likely see several churches when you take a short drive.

I am a native of the Bible Belt. I’ve spent most of my life in deep South states. Ironically, I was an unchurched teenager during some of my most formative years. And, yes, I can attest that the cliché, “a church on every corner,” is not too far from reality.

But the Bible Belt is changing dramatically. Its religious demographics are shifting toward secularism and nominal Christianity. To demonstrate that reality, I chose two counties with similar populations, one in Alabama and one in Washington State, and compared their religious demographics over ten years.

A Tale of Two Counties

I began

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