Why Many Churches Will See Giving Go Down in 2024 (Plus Practical Tactics for Resilient Church Budgeting Amid Declining Giving)

Many church experts (us included!) predicted a dip in church giving when the pandemic hit in 2020. The drop never came. Three significant reasons stand out why church giving remained stable through the pandemic. 

    1. God’s people rallied and supported their churches. While many churches lost people on the periphery, the core remained strong and continued giving.
    2. Both governments in the United States and Canada inserted a lot of liquidity into the markets. Cash from the government hit bank accounts directly. Other programs allowed for business owners to apply for significant amounts of funding. Many Christians gave to their churches from these funds.
    3. So far, we have avoided a major recession, though rapid inflation and rising interest rates are becoming a problem.

The purpose of this article is not to predict the next recession or economic downturn. Instead, I want

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