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What is Church Answers Central?

Church Answers Central is the largest online community  of church leaders where pastors are helping pastors grow healthy churches together. Join a conversation with 40+ ministry categories, start a new discussion, or direct message others to find the answers you need.

  • “I have found Church Answers to add value not only to the church I lead, but it has also helped me to be a better leader. The content is distributed in such a way that is practical and the subject matter being covered always hits the bulls-eye. Church Answers is at the top of my most trusted resources!”

    Charlie Moulton
    Pastor, Lakeshore City Church
  • “Church Answers has quickly become my “go-to” church resource. Dr. Rainer has a pastor’s heart with the intellect of a researcher. His guidance is grounded in the Bible and accompanied by both statistical analysis and years of experience. Also, the benefit of engaging with ministry peers on video conference calls and Church Answers Central has proven to be invaluable.”

    Michael Rubino
    Pastor, Cornerstone Bible Church
  • “First of all, I Want to say that this group (Church Answers) is one of the greatest tools I have ever found for ministry. As a pastor of a small church, I feel I have a very large staff/ team with everyone in this group.:

    Phil Young
    First Baptist Church Holly Springs
  • “This is a group of people from various backgrounds (or tribes if you will) that do not see other groups as the competition but as followers of Christ who are trying to be a part of building the Kingdom!”

    Frank Webster
    Virginia Beach, VA
  • “We have greatly benefitted from Church Answers because they have been a conduit of resources for us. They seem to always have the answer to our question, and if not, they know where to find it!”

    Dyer Harbor
    Oakland Baptist Church

Topics Addressed in the Church Answers Central Forum

  • COVID-19
  • Finances
  • Leadership
  • Volunteer Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Church Software
  • Preaching
  • Church Growth
  • Church Planting
  • Youth Ministry
  • Small Groups
  • Social Media
  • Website & Apps
  • Prayer Requests
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