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What is Church Answers Central?

Church Answers Central is home to an online coaching and consulting hub. You have church questions, we have church answers. We have organized the most common church questions into a range of topics from the parking lot, the pulpit, the pew, and the people. The Church Answers community is a collaborative group of church leaders moderated by veteran experts on church practice.

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  • “Church Answers provides transformational information that empowers and equips pastors to lead effectively. Church Answers is relevant and addresses issues that pastors face today. Church Answers is an amazing tool for the local church.”

    Christopher Webb
    Cornerstone Community Church
  • “This is a group of people from various backgrounds (or tribes if you will) that do not see other groups as the competition but as followers of Christ who are trying to be a part of building the Kingdom!”

    Frank Webster
    Virginia Beach, VA
  • “We have greatly benefitted from Church Answers because they have been a conduit of resources for us. They seem to always have the answer to our question, and if not, they know where to find it!”

    Dyer Harbor
    Oakland Baptist Church

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Members will receive daily content from Church Answers contributors as well as exclusive deals to online resources. Members can submit topics and questions to Church Answers Central and receive responses in about 30 minutes. Direct messaging is available between individual users within the forum. All content is moderated by our Church Answers coaches.

Topics Addressed in the Church Answers Central Forum

  • Evangelism, Outreach & Growth
  • Revitalization, Adoption & Fostering
  • Discipleship & Assimilation
  • Small Groups
  • Finances & Stewardship
  • Missions
  • Church Strategy
  • Change & Conflict Management
  • Leading Staff & Resolving Issues
  • Pastor's Needs
  • Administration & Planning
  • Worship & Music
  • Children's & Student Ministry
  • Church By-laws
  • Facility Management & Security
  • Preaching & Leadership
  • Theology & Doctrine
  • Communications

Meet Your Moderators

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Thom S. Rainer

Founder, CEO, & Lead Coach
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Sam Rainer

President & Senior Coach
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Kevin Spratt

Vice President & Coach
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Brad Waggoner

Church Answers Coach
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Chuck Lawless

Church Answers Coach
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Art Rainer

Church Answers Coach
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Jess Rainer

Church Answers Coach
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Steve Schaufele

Church Answers Coach


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Chuck Carter

Church Answers Coach
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