Episode 24: At The Table with Lisette Fraser on Churches Growing Young and Reaching Gen Z

Episode #024
April 14, 2023

With recent statistics giving the hard reality of the decline and disengagement of Gen Z in the church, many are wondering how to reach the younger generation. Lisette Fraser, from Fuller Youth Institute, joins us to share about her passion to see 10 million teens in ten years connect with their faith and their God-given purpose. She shares practical insights in how to reach Gen Z and celebrates all that God is doing in and through them.

Lisette Fraser is a leader, pastor, communicator, and coach. She leads, advocates, and inspires others to move toward God’s absolute best for them. Lisette has spent the last 20+ years leading youth, college and family ministries and, for the last number of years, leading at the executive level of multi-ethnic, multi-site churches. With an MA in Transformational Leadership, Lisette believes there’s always a way to grow, change, inspire, and move toward more. Today, Lisette serves as the Senior Director of Strategic Operations for TENx10, a movement committed to making faith matter more for ten million teenagers over the next ten years.

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