Episode 16: At The Table with Kristin Kellen on Counseling Women

Episode #016
February 17, 2023

Ministry leaders are some of the first people to help navigate hard topics and circumstances with those that are in our care. Kristin Kellen joins us to give practical helps on how to counsel and walk through hard conversations with women, what not to say to a woman in crisis, and when to refer out to trained professionals.

Kristin Kellen (MA, EdD, PhD) is an Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling and the Associate Director of EdD studies. Her focus is counseling children, teens, and their families. Kristin is the author of “Counseling Women” and the co-author of “The Gospel for Disordered Lives” and “The Whole Woman”. She is married to Josh and they have four children: David, Sophia, Joy Anna, and Elizabeth.


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