Episode 33: At The Table with Lori McDaniel: Missions

Episode #033
September 22, 2023

You are meant to play an integral role in God’s grand mission and the unfolding saga of redemption, right in the very place you find yourself. In this enlightening episode, Lori McDaniel introduces us to her latest book, “The Mission of God and You.” She skillfully dismantles the common excuses we tend to make for avoiding meaningful engagement with those in our midst. Lori’s wisdom and insights ignite a fervent passion and a profound sense of purpose within us. She inspires us to harness our unique gifts and fleeting moments, channeling them towards God’s glory and the advancement of His redemptive narrative.

Lori McDaniel is a multifaceted leader, conference speaker, and Bible teacher. Her passion for discipleship among nations has led her to over 30 countries working with indigenous leaders and cross-cultural workers. She served in Africa as a missionary and worked as Manager of Marketing and Mobilization with the International Mission Board. She and her husband, Mike, live in Northwest Arkansas where he is the lead pastor of the church they planted. Lori has extensive experience in women’s ministry and church strategy. She holds an MA from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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