Episode 35: At The Table with Virginia Brennan: The Church – Children’s Ministries

Episode #035
October 6, 2023

Dr. Virginia Brennan explores the critical essence of establishing secure environments and effective protocols within our churches’ children’s ministries. Drawing from her extensive expertise, she delves into the significance of fostering spaces where young hearts can thrive and grow with unwavering safety and care. Dr. Brennan also sheds light on the art of volunteer recruitment, and how all members of the church can join in the joy of helping foster, build up, and equip children for spiritual growth.

Dr. Virginia Brennan serves as a preschool ministry director in Florida. She has a passion for equipping adults with the tools to disciple children well. She also cohosts the children’s ministry podcast, KidMin with Dr. Val and Dr. Virginia. She has an MA and an Ed.D. in Christian Education, with a focus on child development and spiritual formation. Virginia and her husband Matt have twin preschoolers, and you can often find them at the local zoo and nature trails. 

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