Episode 37: At The Table with Kourtney Vier: The Church – Church Planting

Episode #037
October 20, 2023

Join us as Kourtney Vier unveils the innovative strategies behind Salt’s Church Planting methodology, emphasizes the crucial role of women in leadership right from the outset, and delves into the evolving strategies required to connect with different generations while upholding the timeless values of the Bible. This episode promises a wealth of insights and wisdom for anyone passionate about the intersection of faith, leadership, and the ever-changing landscape of reaching young adults and college students.

Kourtney Vier is the director of Salt Company National, the college ministry of a national church planting organization (The Salt Network), that focuses on reaching college campuses with the Gospel. She is a wife to Riley, mother to Jack and Zeke and resides in Ames, Iowa.

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