Episode 43: At The Table with Karen Swallow Prior: Leadership – Public Theology/Writing

Episode #043
December 1, 2023

Grit, resilience, and a heart for truth are all words that describe our guest, Karen Swallow Prior, Ph.D. A prominent voice and revered theologian in the public arena, Karen shares her remarkable journey—a journey ignited by her profound love for literature and books. This passion has catapulted her into a prominent role as a leading advocate for pro-life ethics and a resolute champion for addressing the crucial issue of sexual abuse within the church.

Karen’s bold stance in these arenas has not been without its challenges. She has weathered personal attacks, endured emotional wounds, and navigated through seasons of profound discouragement. Yet, her unwavering dedication to these causes shines through, making her an inspirational figure in the ongoing fight for justice.

Karen Swallow Prior, Ph.D., is a reader, writer, and professor. She is the author of “The Evangelical Imagination: How Stories, Images, and Metaphors Created a Culture in Crisis” and many other books. She has contributed to numerous other books. She has a monthly column for Religion News Service. She and her husband live on a 100-year old homestead in central Virginia with dogs, chickens, and lots of books.

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