From the Bottom of the Organization Chart to CEO: An Interview with Tricia Sciortino

Episode #29
June 8, 2023

Thom welcomes Tricia Sciortino, CEO of Belay and host of the One Next Step podcast. Tricia shares her leadership journey and offers tips to pastors and church leaders on how to lead well.

    • As Belay’s first employee and virtual assistant, what roles have you served in prior to your position as the CEO?
    • How did you get to this point in your career?
    • Can you offer some tips to pastors and church leaders who lead well, but who are overwhelmed by all the hats they wear?


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Sermons. Outreach. Support groups. Youth group. Finances. Reporting. 

Being the leader of a church is a lot of work and maintaining your to-do list can sometimes feel impossible.  

So, don’t get bogged down by the administrative side of your church. You should focus on what only you can do — shepherding those God sent your way — while delegating some of those other to-do items on your list. 

Our friends at BELAY can help you get your time back to focus on your ministry. With highly-vetted U.S. based talent, they’ve got the experts you need to delegate confidently.  

From inbox and schedule management, travel planning and social media management, to reporting and accounting services—they’ve got the fractional staffing to help your church thrive while reducing your costs.  

To learn even more about the tasks you no longer need to own, BELAY has provided a free resource for our listeners, called “25 Tasks A Pastor Can Delegate To An Assistant.” Check it out today so you can delegate and grow your ministry! 

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