33 Practical Tips to Fix Your Finances

Episode #187
August 21, 2023

We have a long way to go and a short time to get there in this episode! During this episode, Art covers 33 practical tips to help you take the next step on your financial journey.


    1. Pray about your finances.
    2. Automate your generosity.
    3. Make your church the first place of giving.
    4. Give to an organization that does something you care about in a place you pay attention to.
    5. Do your Financial State of the Union.
    6. Track net worth.
    7. Set realistic goals.
    8. Create a zero-based Blueprint for Mission.
    9. Know your essential expenses.
    10. Hunt down and eliminate unnecessary, regretful spending.
    11. Find a budgeting app that works for you.
    12. Use sinking funds.
    13. Automate your savings.
    14. Have an emergency fund.
    15. Use a HYSA for your emergency fund.
    16. Pay for cars with cash.
    17. Pay off credit cards every month.
    18. Get rid of credit cards if you have credit card debt or struggle to pay them off in full.
    19. Use the debt snowball to pay off debt.
    20. Make extra payments toward your mortgage.
    21. Put 15% of your gross income toward retirement.
    22. Maintain a diversified portfolio.
    23. Meet with a Kingdom Advisor for specific investment guidance.
    24. Pay attention to expense ratios.
    25. Don’t cheap out on insurance.
    26. Shop insurance rates.
    27. Use the DIME method for life insurance. 
    28. Have an emergency binder.
    29. Have a will.
    30. Pray about your financial legacy.
    31. Have a monthly finance meeting with your spouse.
    32. Know your spouse’s money story and money personality.
    33. Place marital unity above your financial goals. 


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