5 Ways Your Resentment of Money is Ruining the World | Guest: Derrick Kinney

Episode #20
December 9, 2020

Does your view on money hurt you? For many, the answer is “yes.” In this episode, I ask Derrick Kinney, the CEO of Good Money Framework, to discuss how a person’s resentment of money is ruining the world. 

Here are the questions we answer:

Question 1: How can one be sacrificial in giving while paying off debt?

Question 2: Roth or Standard IRA?

Additional Notes:

  1. Money represents scarcity and strain.
  2. You see money as working against you.
  3. Your family money tree did not grow.
  4. There’s not enough money to fulfill your dreams.
  5. The money math doesn’t add up.

The 3 levers that create wealth:

  1. Save more.
  2. Earn more.
  3. Reduce debt.

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