Is it Okay for Me to Want More Money and Things?

Episode #100
June 29, 2022

A listener asks, “Is it okay for me to want more money and things?” On this episode, Art and Taylor dive into this question. Plus, Art and Taylor discuss some of their favorite More Than Money episodes.

Money Challenge:

Build your contentment. Start writing down five things for which you are thankful. Try to do this for the next thirty days. Stay focused on what God has entrusted you with.

Listener Questions:

  1. Is it okay for me to want more money and things?
  2. What types of investments should I consider?


  1. God owns everything. 
  2. We don’t deserve anything.
  3. Anything we have has been given to us by God.
  4. To some God gives much. To others he gives little. To all he requires stewardship.
  5. Contentment with possessions reflects a heart that’s content with God. Discontentment suggests a heart is searching for contentment outside of God.
  6. Limitations are often acts of God’s grace. 
  7. Possessions are not bad, but a heart that puts its hope in possessions is in trouble.

Practical steps:

  1. Pray for contentment. 
  2. For the next month, daily identify 5 things for which you are grateful. 
  3. Stop looking up. 
  4. Stay away from social media accounts that unsettle your heart.

Additional Resources:

MTM Episode 21: Redeeming Money with Paul David Tripp

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