Should My Church Take Out a Loan?

Episode #104
July 27, 2022

Are you still anti-crypto? Should my church take out a loan? In this episode, Art and Taylor answer these questions. Plus, they talk about how ridiculously hot it is in Texas right now.

Listener Questions Answered:

  1. Are you still anti-crypto?
  2. Should my church take out a loan?


What the Bible teaches about debt:

  1. Be cautious about bringing a church into debt.
  2. If you do go into debt, your congregation will be burdened.
  3. Debt provides another opportunity to sin.

Four questions to help you assess whether it is right to take on debt:

  1. Is the debt for a ministry need or want?
  2. Can we pay off the debt quickly?
  3. What is the budgetary impact?
  4. What are our other options?

Money Challenge:

Be thankful and strategic. Consider where you live and your primary mode of transportation. Write down five reasons you are thankful for each. Next, write down three ways you can leverage your residence and mode of transportation for God’s mission.

Additional Resources:

The Essential Emergency Binder

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