10 Distractions Regarding Worship Music

Episode #094
January 30, 2015
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Podcast Episode #094

Having weekly posts here at the blog from Chuck Lawless has been a huge blessing to me. Not only because it takes some of the workload off of me to come up with another article for the week, but because Chuck has such a great perspective on the Church and shares some incredible insights. We’ve covered some of Chuck’s articles in the past on the podcast, and in this episode we discuss a recent post on worship music distractions.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Millennials are looking for authenticity in the worship service.
  • The pastor is expected to have a well-prepared sermon. The music should be well-prepared as well.
  • Worship is more than just a sermon or just music. It’s the totality of how we glorify God corporately.
  • There should be clear planning between the pastor and music leader to tie in the music with the sermon.
  • Most worship leaders are gifted with different types of music.
  • When the music in a church service is too loud, it can distract from the act of worship.

The 10 distractions are:

  1. Incomprehensible choir or praise team words
  2. Unsmiling faces leading worship
  3. Poor musicians or singers
  4. Unprepared singers
  5. “Preachy” music directors
  6. Songs disconnected from the sermon topic
  7. Difficult songs to sing
  8. Weak use of media for lyrics
  9. Poorly done blended style
  10. Introducing new songs without teaching them

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