10 Keys to Finding a Job in Ministry

Episode #095
February 3, 2015
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Podcast Episode #095

Finding a job in ministry can be difficult if you’re just sending out resume after resume to church after church. Not only can it be difficult, it can be downright discouraging and frustrating. So today, we cover 10 tips for finding jobs in a ministerial context as well as a few resume tips. Many of them also apply to finding jobs in a secular environment.

We also answer the question: When should I tell my boss I’m looking at another job?

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • You should make any employment change a matter of prayer.
  • Don’t let your heart be in another job while you’re still in your current job.
  • Pastors often don’t realize how much the church website personally reflects on them.
  • If you include a picture with your ministerial resume, make it a professional one—not one with your dog.
  • When you are leaving a church staff, be positive and focus on the blessings you received while at the church.
  • Unfortunately in some churches, even looking for a new job can be seen a treasonous offense and might lead to firing.

The 10 keys for finding a job in ministry are:

  1. Make it a matter of prayer
  2. Don’t let the next position distract you from the present position
  3. Do well where you are
  4. Stay connected with others
  5. Remember the “big three”: your sermon podcasts; church website; social media
  6. Do your homework on other opportunities
  7. Ask someone else to recommend you (but don’t overdo it)
  8. Be highly responsive when someone contacts you
  9. Get coaching with your resume
  10. Leave well

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