11 Common Mistakes Made by Churches

Episode #042
February 14, 2014
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Podcast Episode #042

Earlier this week, I shared eleven common mistakes made by churches. That post garnered a huge reaction from you, the readers—so much so that Jonathan and I recorded an “emergency podcast episode” of sorts later in the day about the topics I discussed in the post. Whatever church you serve in or attend, these common mistakes can be fixed, and in most cases, fixed relatively easily.

  1. Failure to have a informative, easy-to-use website.
  2. Failure of pastors and staff to be actively involved in social media. 
  3. Failure of pastors and staff to understand they represent the church when they are involved in social media. 
  4. Failure to urge people to be a part of groups. 
  5. Failure of leaders to be actively involved in influencing the content of groups. 
  6. Failure of church members to be considerate of where they sit during a worship service. 
  7. Failure to have parking lot greeters.
  8. Failure to have clearly marked guest parking. 
  9. Failure to have clearly marked entrances to the worship center. 
  10. Failure to have clearly marked entrances to the church offices. 
  11. Failure to have adequate restroom facilities.

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