15 Church Facility Issues

Episode #074
October 3, 2014
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Podcast Episode #074

We tackle a post by Dr. Chuck Lawless on church facility issues. In doing so, we cover everything from upright pianos to dirty diapers.

Some highlights from the episode:

  • Paper signage can communicate you don’t care about the professionalism of your church.
  • You wouldn’t put children’s furniture in adult classes, so why would you put adult furniture in children’s classes?
  • If parents don’t feel their kids are safe at a church, they likely will not return.
  • Facility issues communicate our level of concern about the quality of God’s house.
  • Don’t assume facility issues have no bearing on the perception of your church.
  • Consider hiring a mystery guest to evaluate your church from an outside perspective.

The 15 church facility issues we cover are:

  1. No obvious main entrance.
  2. An unmarked (or unattended) welcome center.
  3. Paper signage.
  4. Old information on screens or bulletin boards.
  5. Unsecured children’s area.
  6. Windowless doors in the children’s area.
  7. “Big people” furniture in children’s rooms.
  8. Clutter.
  9. Open outlets in preschool rooms.
  10. Dirty carpet.
  11. Odors.
  12. Unstocked bathrooms.
  13. Poor lighting.
  14. Few garbage cans.
  15. Faded paint.

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