How Churches Can Pray More Effectively

Episode #191
January 19, 2016
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Podcast Episode #191

We cover seven points regarding prayer in the local church including how best to incorporate prayer into worship services, how to pray, and the use of catalytic prayer events.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Somewhere in the midst of all of the activities of the Western Church, we have lost sight of prayer and its place in the church.
  • Simply put, the state of prayer in the local church is not good.
  • Prayer has to be modeled by leadership. If the leadership doesn’t emphasize prayer, the church will not be a praying church.
  • A theology of prayer that becomes a “here are my needs” checklist leads to a weak prayer life.
  • Special prayer services can sometimes scare off introverts.

The seven points we consider regarding prayer are:

  1. The state of prayer in local congregations.
  2. The “why” of weak praying churches
  3. The wrong assumption about having large crowds to pray
  4. Integrating prayer effectively in worship services
  5. Consider a catalytic prayer event
  6. Evangelistic churches are praying churches
  7. Try the “PIPPs”

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