9 Major Areas of Tension Every Pastor Experiences

Episode #114
April 10, 2015
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Podcast Episode #114

Pastors likely face one or more of these tensions every week, and sometimes on a daily basis. Most of these tensions are not between good and bad choices, but between two good choices. But the tensions exist regardless. And how a pastor handles them can be critical to the amount of effectiveness and satisfaction a pastor finds in ministry.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Bivocational pastors and church staff are my heroes.
  • Pastoral ministry is a 24/7 vocation.
  • Most pastors rarely are able to say “no.”
  • Ministry in the community by pastors and church staff is rarely seen by church members.
  • How much time a pastor spends in the office vs. the community is always a tension.
  • Sometimes we neglect the “best” because we are busy doing the “good.”
  • The time most often neglected for pastors is that spent with non-Christians in the community.

The nine tensions every pastor faces are:

  1. Family time versus church time.
  2. Office time versus time in the community.
  3. Being a people pleaser versus being a good steward.
  4. Visiting for crisis needs versus visiting for commonplace needs.
  5. Counseling versus referral.
  6. Spending time with church members versus spending time with non-Christians.
  7. Local church ministry versus other ministries.
  8. Being prophetic versus being positive.
  9. Long-term perspective versus short-term perspective.

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