An Interview with John Croyle

Episode #012
July 5, 2013
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Podcast Episode #012

John Croyle was recently our guest at LifeWay. While he was in town, I had a chance to sit down with him and discuss Alabama football, the Big Oak Ranch, manhood, and leadership. It is a fascinating interview with a fascinating man. If you’re not familiar with John or the Big Oak Ranch, I would encourage you to visit their website Hundreds of kids have been impacted by John and his ministry over the years. I’m proud to call him a friend and excited that he could share his story through this episode of Rainer on Leadership.

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This week’s podcast is brought to you by The Two-Minute Drill to Manhood, John’s game plan that will help moms and dads make sure their sons are ready for authentic manhood. Based on Croyle’s life and experience parenting more than 1,800 abused and neglected children on the Big Oak Ranch for Boys and Girls, he drills down into seven actionable life principles drawn from the word “manhood” itself.


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