Calming a Restless Heart Through Music: An Interview with Kristyn Getty

Episode #674
December 15, 2020
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We have an incredible interview with Kristyn Getty to talk with her about the new album from Keith and Kristyn Getty, Evensong, which reached number 1 on Billboard in the Kid’s Album category. 

  • New album released in early October: Evensong: Hymns and Lullabies at the Close of Day.  
  • Born out of the thoughts, songs, and prayers the Gettys use to close each day with their own family, this project features a mixture of lullabies and hymns to help families and individuals alike declutter the mind and comfort the heart.
  • In the week of its debut, Evensong topped the Billboard Charts at #1 in the Kid’s Album category, surpassing the storied soundtrack to Disney’s Frozen 2 for the first time in 36 weeks as the most popular Children’s project in the United States.
  • “During these uncertain times, the need for restful contemplation and focusing on the Word of God is more important than ever for Christians throughout the world. I hope these songs help people dwell on the Lord and His promises; to release a burdened mind, to calm a restless heart and point us towards real peace in Christ”

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