Why Your Church Needs a New Members Class

Episode #103
March 3, 2015
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Podcast Episode #103

A new members class is critical to informing prospective new members of information and expectations related to your church. In fact, I would suggest every church have a new members class. And today, we explain why its needed and how your church can benefit from it.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Typically, the more you expect from someone, the more you will get from them.
  • The backdoor of our churches is as big as it is today because we’ve set low expectations in the past.
  • New members who connect with a small group are nearly five times more likely to stay at a church than those who don’t.
  • The more people know about a church and the more they are involved in a church, the more they feel a sense of belonging.
  • Church vision statements should be simple, short, and memorable.
  • You should offer ministry service opportunities to new members as soon as they join a church.
  • Being a part of a church means being a good steward financially.
  • The most effective new members classes are offered in one sitting.
  • One of the greatest evangelistic tools you have is your new members class.

The 10 reasons churches need a new members class are because this class…

  1. Informs the member
  2. Sets expectations
  3. Moves members to small groups
  4. Defines doctrine and polity
  5. Closes the back door
  6. Introduces staff
  7. Clarifies vision or mission
  8. Defines ministry opportunities
  9. Establishes stewardship expectations
  10. Provides guidance in the facilities

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