Church Outreach: What Has Worked and What Hasn’t

Episode #218
April 22, 2016
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Podcast Episode #218

A recap about a recent post on the outreach methods churches used to promote their Easter services. While we cover what worked, we also take a look at what didn’t work and why some of these ideas seemed to fall short.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Personal invites are still the best way to get people to come to your church.
  • Don’t start anything in your church without first praying about it.
  • Prayer should be integral to everything you do as a church.
  • A lot of churches do nothing extra for Easter because they think people will naturally come anyway.
  • Personal conversations are still the most effective way to invite people to attend your church worship service.
  • Online promotion is the most effective way for churches to spend dollars earmarked for marketing.
  • If your church goes door-to-door to invite people, take the time to talk to people.
  • When you strategically plan your outreach, you see greater participation and more opportunities for success.
  • Strategic planning is a stewardship of time.

The six things that seemed to work for churches were:

  1. Personal Invites.
  2. Facebook Promotion.
  3. Coordinated Graphics.
  4. Door-to-door Invites.
  5. Intentional, Strategic Planning.
  6. Prayer.

The four things that didn’t work were:

  1. Door-to-door Drop-offs.
  2. Extra Signage.
  3. Doing Nothing.
  4. Not Planning.

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