Communicating in Conflict, Staff Reviews, and Other Listener Questions

Episode #203
March 1, 2016
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Podcast Episode #203

We are taking questions from listeners on a wide range of topics from communicating in conflict and staff reviews, to spiritual gifts and missionary support. Thanks again to all who submit questions. If you have a question you would like answered on the show, fill out the form on the podcast page here on Church Answers.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • When it comes to resolving conflict in the church, communicate formally and personally—not through email or a text.
  • If you have an ongoing interaction with your staff, staff reviews should just be a formality.
  • If it takes putting words on paper for someone to know how you’re assessing their performance, you’re not leading well.
  • I’m concerned when those doing staff reviews in the church aren’t in a position see that person work everyday.
  • When deciding on which missionaries to support directly, the first question to ask is doctrine.
  • It’s always better for a church to support missionaries who have a common vision and focus.

The questions we answer today on the podcast are:


Can you talk about how using email or facebook messenger or texting is not a good means of communicating with people, but discuss better ways of communicating and dealing with conflict? How can I be a better leader/pastor in this area of communication and conflict?



How can churches do more to welcome and minister to families with disabilities? What churches are doing this well?


From ED

My question is somewhat four fold from the same topic, staff reviews.

1) How often should staff reviews be done, if at all?
2) Who should conduct the reviews?
3) Should staff reviews be done formally, as in a written record, or informally, just table top conversation?
4) Should staff review be open to review or sealed with confidentiality?



First of all your book I am a Church Member. The whole meaning of being a church member is to receive membership as a gift from God, and when a member SERVE. How do I know where to serve? How do I know what is needed? Some say your spiritual gifts are your direction. How do I know where my spiritual gifts are?


From TOM

I have been struggling with saying thank you for gifts and compliments. When I greet people at the back after a message, the response from the people is always “nice message pastor.” I find it difficult to respond with a genuine response that does not sound sarcastic or “quirky.” I have responded with “it’s God Word, I am just the deliver” but it seems like the wrong response. Are there any good remarks after someone pays you a compliment or gives a gift?


From BEN

I am a part of a church leadership team that has a lot of missionaries, supported at a very small amount, with little to no partnership with any of them. The previous pastor had taken on a ton of them, and we don’t really know any of them. We really feel like we want to restructure our program. How would you suggest we do that? When choosing new missionaries to support is there any specific questions you would ask?

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