Crafting a Church Vision Statement

Episode #143
July 21, 2015
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Podcast Episode #143

A look at church vision statements and how they must be memorable, succinct, and connected to your church’s discipleship process. If not, they will either fail or be quite ineffective.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • A vision statement is God’s specific plan for a specific church at a specific time.
  • Too many vision statements are abstract and don’t click with the people in a church.
  • The vision statement of your church should mirror your church’s discipleship process.
  • Every ministry in your church should align with your discipleship process and, as a result, your vision statement.
  • Vision statements fail when they are not actionable and are poorly communicated.
  • Ongoing reminders of the vision statement are required to make it stick with the members.

The six elements of a church vision statement are:

  1. The vision statement must be biblical
  2. Have the vision statement mirror you discipleship process
  3. Keep the vision statement succinct and memorable
  4. Ensure your ministries align with the vision statement
  5. Develop an ongoing vehicle to communicate the vision statement to the members (front end, continuous)
  6. Communicate expectations of the members in the vision statement

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