Dangers of Denial for Dying Churches

Episode #055
May 16, 2014
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Podcast Episode #055

Of the nearly 400,000 churches in the US, I would surmise that 90% of them, or roughly 360,000, are in denial about the current state of their church. But I’m an obnoxious optimist. I know God can still work through those churches, but it takes a great amount of work on the part of churches. Our world is changing dramatically, and if we’re not keeping up with the pace of change, we will be left behind. So this week, we cover 10 dangers of denial that churches can easily fall into instead of changing and thriving.

  1. The problems will only worsen. 
  2. Future generations are forsaken.
  3. Leaders will have regrets. 
  4. Churches will miss opportunities for solutions. 
  5. There is no urgency for change. 
  6. Maintenance ministries engender frustration and conflict.
  7. Churches in denial are usually disobedient. 
  8. Many of these churches will tolerate open and flagrant sin.
  9. The church will lose its best members. 
  10. Comfort becomes an idol. 

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