Discouragement in Ministry

Episode #086
January 2, 2015
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Podcast Episode #086

In this first podcast episode of 2015, we expound on what discourages those in ministry. Like criticism, overcoming discouragement is a two-pronged approach. Ministers need to know how to handle it, and members need to realize how their actions can cause it.

Some highlights from this week’s episode include:

  • An active church member 15 years ago attended church three times a week. Now it’s three times a month.
  • Church membership classes can help decrease the discouragement for staff by giving members expectations and information up front.
  • Pastors or staff members can run themselves ragged trying to meet personal demands placed on them from church members.
  • Many ministers lack business and administrative training but are expected to know how to run what amounts to a small business.
  • You have no right to attack the family of a staff person because of dissatisfaction with the minister.
  • Every church staff will have conflict and differences. It is normal. The key is how you resolve that conflict.

The ten issues we covered were:

  1. Conflicts/complaining/murmuring.
  2. Lack of fruit and spiritual maturity in church members.
  3. Apathy.
  4. Church members who leave the church for seemingly silly or no reasons.
  5. Expectations by members/lack of time.
  6. Performing tasks where the pastor/staff does not have competencies.
  7. Meetings/committees.
  8. Family concerns.
  9. Staff issues.
  10. Lack of volunteers.

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