Don’t Waste Your Christmas

Episode #082
November 28, 2014
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Podcast Episode #082

gettys-joyThis week we are joined on the podcast with one of the premier hymn writers of our day: Keith Getty. The Gettys are kicking off their Joy: An Irish Christmas tour this weekend, and Keith was gracious enough to join us for a quick taping of the podcast earlier this week.

As a special bonus to our listeners, The Gettys have provided a free download of the MP3s and sheet music for Joy Has Dawned and Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven. Click here to download.

Some highlights from this week’s episode include:

  • There are more people in our churches at Christmas who are yet to believe.
  • Christmas carols are the true crossover music of our time.
  • You can speak into the future by understanding the art forms of the past.
  • People not caring about singing in worship is a scandal.
  • Stop boring people by trying to have your music sound like the church down the street.
  • The highest call for musicians in churches is to accompany the congregation in singing.

The five things we discuss that churches can do to not waste Christmas:

  1. Sing the gospel.
  2. Build your Christmas around carols.
  3. Get serious our congregational singing.
  4. Artist should be creative and innovative with their Christmas music.
  5. Use Christmas to focus on those who don’t come to church instead of those who do.

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