Eight Updates on Sunday Evening Services

Episode #547
June 21, 2019
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We’ve discussed Sunday evening services before on the blog and podcast, but things haven’t changed much in local churches. The services are still declining on the whole. Today, we update you as to why that is.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • The number of churches offering Sunday evening services is still declining and the number of people coming is still declining.
  • Churches with off-site groups are turning to Sunday night groups and finding more success.
  • Sunday night worship services that are duplicates of Sunday morning services are likely to be the most well-attended types of Sunday evening services.
  • Much of the traditional support for Sunday evening services is waning because many in the generation who has pushed for it for so long are dying off.

The eight updates we discuss are:

  1. Still declining
  2. Most recent poll: 36% of churches have unique Sunday evening services
  3. Typical return rate from Sunday morning is one-third
  4. More churches moving groups to Sunday evening
  5. More common in older and smaller churches
  6. Sunday evening often used for special occasions
  7. Sometimes used as an alternative to Sunday morning services
  8. Opposition to discontinuing is waning

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