Equipping More People in Your Church to Give Sacrificially

Episode #733
January 25, 2022
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The subject of giving is one that can be tense in the church. Many pastors and church leaders struggle to equip their congregations to give sacrificially. What is sacrificial giving? How can your church encourage a culture of generosity? Thom and Sam discuss some practical ways to equip your church. 

  1. All believers are called to give generously.
  2. Preaching alone is not enough to create a culture of sacrificial giving.
  3. Establish multiple channels for giving.
  4. Have clear, easy-to-read financial statements.
  5. Maintain a consistent system of financial accountability.
  6. Never violate the confidentiality of individual giving records.
  7. Help people connect personally to the mission of the church.




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