Evangelism, Outreach, and the Internet

Episode #167
October 20, 2015
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Podcast Episode #167

Discussion about nine practical and easy ways churches can use the internet and online communities to share the gospel and reach out to those far from God.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • The #1 time unchurched people are open to accepting an invite to church is Christmas Eve.
  • If churches don’t have an email list, they need to start building one to communicate more effectively.
  • More than ever, churches have tools available to communicate with people. They should put them to use.
  • The same power of the Holy Spirit we see in the Book of Acts still lives in believers today.

The nine ways churches can use social media and the internet for outreach are:

  1. Develop social media accounts to share info about the church
  2. Provide an online “Welcome to (your city)” PDF with local municipal info
  3. Share inspiring quotes and Bible verses online for others to pass on
  4. Send out a weekly eNewsletter with church info and announcements
  5. Blog about outreach event results to encourage participation in upcoming events
  6. Post sermon videos to YouTube
  7. Develop an online prayer ministry for the community
  8. Use Periscope for some of your church events
  9. Share photos of community events and places on your church website.

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