Five Considerations When You Follow a Long-Term Pastor

Episode #591
November 22, 2019
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Are you following a long-term pastor? Did a long-tenured pastor return to your church as a member? Thom and Sam discuss five considerations when following a long-tenured pastor. This is a great episode about leading well and honoring those who have come before you.

  1. Honor your predecessor. No disparaging comments.
  2. For a season, let your predecessor know about major changes.
  3. Consider taking your predecessor up on any offer to stay away for a while.
  4. If appropriate, ask your predecessor to preach on occasion.
  5. Be respectful of any family members of your predecessor in the church.

Other highlights:

    • Starting with negativity is a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially in the church.
    • The longer the tenure of a pastor the more ingrained in the community they become. 
    • The best way to get support from a predecessor is to keep in regular communication. 
    • The good leaders will step away from a ministry if only for a season, to allow the new leader to establish themselves.


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